Going through changes

The last few months have been my most challenging moments of my life so far, there have been many up and downs and most of the time I have felt so low, so for those that have been around me, I am sorry and thank you for all those that have helped me through.

Things are finally on the mend;

My granddad has moved back home and is stable enough to look after himself. He will never be 100% again, as he has become diabetic with only 15% of his kidneys working so challenging times ahead there. Best wishes to him.

My computer data has pretty much been lost, which I have finally come to accept. But has come at a time when it was required most, as I have no examples of coding work other than my websites, which does not include VB programming.

Sophie and I have finally split, losing most of our contact for a few months maybe. Not what I wanted but it was inevitable. She provided the best friendship I have ever had, so thank you for the great times. There is far more to it than that but I wont bore you!

As always, I had lost contact with many friends through my relationship with Sophie, happens every time with everyone, why!?! But things are on the mend with friendships.

I have been offered a temporary full time position at Sorion , Which is a great opportunity to get the experience much required. Many thanks to them for taking the gamble, I have no intentions of letting them or myself down here.

I am soon to get my bedroom back and my own freedom again. Since I have moved back in from Uni, we have had a student staying with us and my granddad. So I have had little comfort in sleeping.

My University results are due in a couple of weeks and although I am terribly worried about this, I have come to terms with what ever I have is what I have. If I do not get my wanted 2:1, I have at least come out of it knowing far more than I did before, and I think it has helped me understand many importances and concepts that I were unaware of before my final year. Lets hope I can put them into practice.

My car is up for sale, but not one person has contacted me in 3 weeks of it being up for sale. I have no idea why not, as it is averagely priced. Need to get rid so desperately, need a smaller car or a diesel. Not quite decided yet.

I am still awaiting results for my feet problem, was meant to know within two weeks, it has now been three and they have asked me to ask in another week. All I want to do is get back into football without worrying about the pain I have to go through every time, is that too much to ask for!?! I may have to go on antibiotics for 6 months, so it won’t be a quick healing process, god damn!

Still going to be a challenging few months;

I need to get this work opportunity right,

I need to get my confidence back on track and enjoy myself,

I am trying to lose weight, which Sophie was huge inspiration so now go to do it on my own,

I will have to deal with my graduation,

I need to get hobbies that other people may enjoy doing with me, or finding the right people to do them with!!! I have regrettably given up kayaking for the moment.

I desperately need to get over Sophie (think that is going to be most challenging in some ways).

Enough of boring you all, but just felt like I had to let it all out as I haven’t really spoken to anyone about any of this, there is still more to it but to let that out has made me feel somewhat better already.

Thanks all.

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  1. Phil says:

    OK! Was going to paste this in the previous “employment” thread but having read this and cried!!
    You’ve got a job! We have faith in you!grab life by the horns and get on. Now you have to get up in the morning, no excuse for lying in bed moping about Sophie.

    Car sales is a pig! We had just two ‘phone calls from 5 add’s and website. Fortunately. The first to see, bought it cash. Torch the car, get a diesel and convert it to run on chip fat for a challenge.

    Simon here is seriously into football and Sorion have just sponsored a local team with new kit. Nobody here likes kayaking. Too ‘girly’! Everybody like a drink and some ‘do gym’ so you’ll make friends and maybe influence people.

    Sorry for shouting at you. Time to move on in many ways for you. Be confident and have fun.
    Here’s to a great future (raises glass in toast)

  2. Phil says:

    I tried leaving a comment!
    With great thought!
    And your website seemed to have flushed it down the pan!!!
    Bet this one sticks!!!

  3. Nick says:

    Lol, you are right! I only have this one awaiting moderation though for some reason.

    Will have to see if there are any bugs.


  4. Phil says:

    Do I do it all again???

    Congratulations on a good interview and accepting our job offer. Let’s hope you’re as good as we think you are and it becomes permanent.

    We have a football fan here and Sorion sponsors a local team so there’s a common subject with your work colleagues. Kayaking is for girlies so I should keep that quiet!! The photography looks pretty cool! I’m impressed.

    Car sales is a pig! I had 4 sucessive adverts plus website and only two calls. Luckily my wife was at home to accept the first call after the first ad, she handled everything and within two hours we had the cash. Only one more call. Keep trying. It will go (probably). Then you can buy a diesel and convert it to run on chip fat. What woman can resist the smell of chips frying!!

    Relationships!!! (don’t ask me for advice. I’ve been married for over 26 years but not to the same woman. On No’3 after two false starts). Girls come and go but cars are forever!! What’s more, they tend to do what you want and don’t argue! (Ooops guess you may have to moderate some of the replies to this thread!!)

    So! Moving forward. Get a life! Get a bedroom (that’s always good). Get your confidence back! Torch the car! and have a beer. Good luck with that lot!!!

  5. Nicky says:

    Many thanks for your comments Phil, they have put a smile on my face, which has been hard recently. Your posts were declared as spam for some reason!

    … too much wibbling maybe!
    No, but seriously thank you for your confidence in me, it means a lot to me and I have no intentions of letting anyone down. I just hope I manage to understand the current task in hand as it does seem to be big and with only a month, oh oh!!

    Many thanks.

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