Last few days…

Here I am again, making a complete fool of myself!

I stupidly went on a walk with Sophie on Sunday, got jealous, ended up not talking and pretty much officially saying goodbye for the 3rd time I think now. It’s still really difficult but I need to get over her, I know I can do much better, just hard to believe at times. But only intentions I have now are to get my money off her and give her the money I owe her asap for my camera, need a fresh start and now is the time to look forward, be positive… ish…

I have much more important things to worry about though at the moment, my Granddad had a fall this morning in his kitchen, was lay on floor for a while, it was only by chance that he was found. He has possibly had a minor stroke now, how much shit does one man have to go through, he deserves better than this, always been fit and able, so to see him like this so sudden is unbearable. He is in a special ward at hospital for tonight, gets the usual million tests in the morning and we will see where that takes us. It may lead to a permanent residence at our house as it seems that he may no longer be able to look after himself.

Best wishes to the man who has inspired me so often, who’s been a Granddad and best friend for many years now.

Mom seems to be getting it hard at the moment too, with Granddad being ill and with Yuko, our Japanese student returning home after some 10 months with us, she seems to be really down and always tearful. Sometimes I can’t help myself and say stupid things, it puts a big smile on her face, but it brings floods of tears too… not sure if that is a good thing or not, but I am trying. Things will pick up, I am sure.

Have to be up in 5 hours, so I guess I should be going to bed, before I get myself the sack… Sorry Phil!

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  1. DannyBoy says:

    Too right you can do better – I know that it’s something that is MUCH easier said than done, because i have been there many times – but Nicky, you need to come out with myself, Gareth, Matthew etc.. and just see if you have a good time – there are some FIT people that we go out with too.. and not only fit, they are all absolute darlings!!!

    I hope that your Mom starts feeling a little better soon!!

    (I got the blog working by the way, found my password in junk, lol!)

  2. dean says:

    and about 15 years old aren’t they Dan?

  3. dean says:

    uhm, or 18 even

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