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Monday, July 30th, 2007

Since last Tuesday, I have had the longest virus known to me! Everything from severe sweating, major headaches, drowsiness to yellow vision – and no, I haven’t seen too much of the Simpsons!

Just been to the doctors and has said carry on taking the paracetamol and coldsore cream for these 20+ coldsores that have appeared on my eye and nose of all places! I have never had this before and never ever required more than 2 days off so having 4 makes me feel really bad. Lets hope tomorrow I feel much better because I am getting fed up now!

Want to go to the pub!

When The Floods Came Home

Monday, July 30th, 2007

On 20/07/2007 I was due to see Adam and Steph in Cardiff for the first time since they have moved in.

Despite the recent news about all the floods, I was adamant to travel to Wales still. I set off for the 1.5 hour journey around 3.30. First stop was to pick Christine up in Studley, and that started off badly with the road by the Griffin closed due to flooding, which is only some 100 yards from her house. I headed in the other direction which too was seriously flooded, going through some 3 newly created rivers through a 2 mile diversion. Finally reached her house and headed off towards the Star and Garter Island, this was bumper to bumper for some 45 mins. After getting free, we soon hit floods again and got diverted through Charford! This taking some 60 minutes to get  to M5 Wychbold, so far 2 hours, why didn’t I head back home now!

The next 4 hours were bumper to bumper reaching no more than 50mph. By the time we reached M50 it had been closed, so we had to take the Severn Bridge route and stopped off at services, during this time people seemed chaotic and stressed, all well known B&B’s were supposedly full and more and more roads closed, the M50 now closed in both directions and as far as 4 junctions.

We set off again to what seemed like a clear road, how wrong were we, after about 1 mile it was grid locked, so this time we decided to turn the radio on, and were informed of the M5 now being shut off.

As we slowly progressed forward we could see why, with the hard shoulder stones being washed into the fast lane some hundred tonnes had been displaced. We suddenly halted for a few hours. As we set off again it was really slow and we hit some 1.5ft of water which we had to pass, this was terrifying as the exhaust of the van in front submersed.  Once we had passed this we finally reached Adams around 2am, some 10 hours or more later than when we had set off and after going to the wrong placed thanks to TomTom and my mistake!

None the less I planned to have a good weekend and that we did, if I weren’t so tired I think it could have turned out a lot better but oh well, still got to see Adam and Steph and get to know Christine better!
Had a nice meal in Cardiff, which seems to be a really nice developing city, even I could live there one day!

The journey home showed some of the devastation caused by the floods as we went up the M50, but it did only take 1.5 hours which was much better!


Wednesday, July 18th, 2007

Graduated 17-07-2007, and what a day it turned out to be. I was slightly apprehensive with all the silly little things that have been going on lately.
Got into Trentham Gardens and what a beautiful picturesque scene it was, well kept gardens, lakes and water features were secluded amongst hill sides covered in forestry.

Upon registry, we were handed a gold star with the Staffordshire emblem on, which is a nice piece of memorabilia. Got the gown on and had a few refreshments before we had to go in. Despite this, my mouth was becoming more and more dry as the morning progressed. Seemed to get quite lost amongst the rush of people. Ended up going in pretty much on my own which didn’t settle my nerves at all.

However, the ceremonies began and all of a sudden I felt real at ease, a huge sense of achievement came across my face, this was the day I had been waiting for, for so long. Little did I know how much I had been fretting over this day, and now it had arrived my feelings were running wild!
The rows were getting closer and closer, suddenly it was our turn to queue. I had a sense of fear that what usually happens would happen, but somehow when I stood up there queuing, there were no nerves, but actual excitement. Even though my face probably never showed it, there was a huge smile deep within me, I’m sure it never reached the surface (problem I have!) but I will wait until I see the DVD!

Shortly after sitting down it was all over, we were applauded by all the staff as we walked out of the ceremony marquee into the food marquee which was a nice thing of them to do.

Decided to go and have a family photo, what a giggle that turned out to be. Jodie, my sister has a serious problem with her eyes being closed when it comes to photos. This was no exception, one of the only times she managed to have her eyes open, mine were closed. Damn! Finally managed to get all eyes open and what appears to be a really nice family photo.
Credit due to the Photographer (name) of Tempest Photography, she did an absolute great job. Making sure everything from my hands, robes, eyes, head to my tassels were all just in the perfect position, and it was difficult for her too as people made me laugh my tassels kept moving!

After all the celebrations and many photos in the gardens (of which was really difficult posing for of course!), we decided to go down the A34 to Stafford to see what pub we could go to lunch for. This used to be my route into Uni and I recall there being ‘The Wayfarer’ just before Stone, it looks quite nice from the outside, so we went in. Oh my god, what a mistake. Never felt so bad about choosing a place to eat, really would never recommend it if you are in that direction!

Later got my car back, fully working so yay to that!

And decided to end the night off nicely with Adam, Hayley and I going up town for a bar snack and a few drinks (or many in fact)! Ended up in Chicago’s and it was a Karaoke night, never stood up despite the urges for the first time ever. I just merrily sang along to many of the songs whilst drinking the night away.

A big thanks to all my family, Anne (mom), Len (dad), Jodie (Sister), Del (Granddad) for all the support they have given me over the years, it has been a struggle at times, but you have all helped me through, mentally and financially.

A big thanks to all those at Uni too, especially Adam, Dean, Nathan, Otis and Paul. I have experienced some of my greatest moments so far with each and every one of you. I have learned a lot from you and you have helped me become what I am today. Best of luck with your future.

All the best, and many thanks.


Degree Result

Monday, July 2nd, 2007

My degree results came through today, I couldn’t believe how much I was shaking upon opening the envelope;

I didn’t fail as I was expecting, but unfortunately I did not get my aimed 2:1 either, in the end I have a 2:2 in Internet Technology BSc (Hons).

Overall happy I think, at least I am not having to redo anything, especially XML and Web services, which I thought I had failed, I got a really low 5, 3 being a fail and 15 being the highest. So some really disappointing results in places, must work harder in life is the outcome of this one.

The Weekend

Sunday, July 1st, 2007

What a weekend,

Went into work for 6:15 so I could leave early for car looking. Left work at 11:15, totally scared as I have now been given an actual task! I think it is going to be very challenging, but that is just what I need right now to build my confidence and to prove my capabilities. Lets just hope it swings the right way!

Test drove a Peugeot 307, and it was a really nice drive and well spec’ed but there was still a Ford Mondeo to drive before I made a decision. Starting off with higher expectations on the Pug, I was soon swayed towards the Mondeo as soon as I sat in the drivers seat, all I can say is what a difference and WOW! Managed to scrape my finances together and I pick it up on Tuesday evening. 03 plate Mondeo Ghia X, cream leather, electric everything nearly. Big thanks to Mr Evans for bringing me back to the oval badge, as I nearly stayed with the V-Dubs.

Spent most of it being tired, but then late evening my dad and I decided to try and sort the pond out, idea is to put them in a temp paddling pool from Woolworths, and clean the pond out. Well it didn’t start off too well, ran out of time as we had to go for a meal. Left the fish in about 1.5ft of water, came back and there were 5 floating on top, DOH. Totally my fault as I was arguing with my dad and we were getting no where. Feel stupid now! Tried to revive them and we managed with one of them but sadly the other 4 died.
Meal was very nice, went to an Italian in Studley, called Carlo Ristorante (01527 853047), recommend it.

Spent all day clearing the pond out and throughout the day we have decided to take walls out, restructure things, and all in all not a bad day. Except that I have now managed to put a hole in the very bottom base on the pond. Need it to dry before we can re-fibre glass it, and with the current weather we could be waiting a long time. So god damn!!!
Just about to go out and see Shrek 3, yay, I seriously need a wind down to the weekend, been so hectic and upsetting along the way.

Role on the week ahead.


Sunday, July 1st, 2007

All has gone well this week, his operation went very well and he has started to walk again now. It is likely to be testing times and we have to see where it takes us all. Lets hope he can go back home as he would like very much, even thought it is not looking very likely.

Currently at Alex, but could be moved to Bromsgrove some time soon for rehab, to get him on his feet again.