The Weekend

What a weekend,

Went into work for 6:15 so I could leave early for car looking. Left work at 11:15, totally scared as I have now been given an actual task! I think it is going to be very challenging, but that is just what I need right now to build my confidence and to prove my capabilities. Lets just hope it swings the right way!

Test drove a Peugeot 307, and it was a really nice drive and well spec’ed but there was still a Ford Mondeo to drive before I made a decision. Starting off with higher expectations on the Pug, I was soon swayed towards the Mondeo as soon as I sat in the drivers seat, all I can say is what a difference and WOW! Managed to scrape my finances together and I pick it up on Tuesday evening. 03 plate Mondeo Ghia X, cream leather, electric everything nearly. Big thanks to Mr Evans for bringing me back to the oval badge, as I nearly stayed with the V-Dubs.

Spent most of it being tired, but then late evening my dad and I decided to try and sort the pond out, idea is to put them in a temp paddling pool from Woolworths, and clean the pond out. Well it didn’t start off too well, ran out of time as we had to go for a meal. Left the fish in about 1.5ft of water, came back and there were 5 floating on top, DOH. Totally my fault as I was arguing with my dad and we were getting no where. Feel stupid now! Tried to revive them and we managed with one of them but sadly the other 4 died.
Meal was very nice, went to an Italian in Studley, called Carlo Ristorante (01527 853047), recommend it.

Spent all day clearing the pond out and throughout the day we have decided to take walls out, restructure things, and all in all not a bad day. Except that I have now managed to put a hole in the very bottom base on the pond. Need it to dry before we can re-fibre glass it, and with the current weather we could be waiting a long time. So god damn!!!
Just about to go out and see Shrek 3, yay, I seriously need a wind down to the weekend, been so hectic and upsetting along the way.

Role on the week ahead.

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  1. dean says:

    heh, “Calamity Nick” ?

  2. Nicky says:

    Dad and I finally got the pond back and running this week… How long!?!?

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