It has been a funny few months in terms of friendships, I have seen many come and go and tried not to get myself involved as I have seen it happen too many times before where people strongly rely on one relationship and it all goes tits up. Getting involved only makes matters worse.

Once again I have gone from having no social friends to having loads, and I have come to realise smaller the better! Too many people means higher chances of there being differences, and differences cause bitching.

To cut a long story as short as possible, jealousy is mans worst friend. I have become quite good friends with Matt, through Dan M (Cousin) or so I thought. Things have gone a bit funny recently despite having everything he could possibly want, he got jealous over a new friendship I had gained… with someone who adored him more than you could imagine, yet he just messed with their head more and more. They say, ‘it’s not that simple’ and ‘there’s more to it’ but isn’t there always! Why would someone get so jealous of something when they have far more from the same person than the one they are getting jeaous of, but turn it down when it is offered to them on a plate. Get your head sorted mate and stop breaking her heart, I would stop all my flirting right now for you two to be together, but for as long as there is nothing more between you, I am going to enjoy myself.

I have never really had a female I can confide in and just have a chat about anything with, and she is perfect for that. Admittedly if something was offered I would take it straight away but at the moment there is nothing and I am quite happy with that and know the situation… If only the rest of you got that in your head and stopped the jealousy, its ruining our nights out!

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