Job Offer

It’s been a long time since I have posted here and a lot has happened too.

The biggest thing to happen was a job offer by Intier. I was half expecting it, but it sadly came 2 months too late or 12 months too early.

The offer was Technical Support, on a salary of £28,000.
The prospects of the job could have been outstanding, an ever developing organisation on a global scale. But something didn’t feel right even after all this being offered.
At the point of offer I was a month away from my review and spent many restless nights thinking about it and I regularly changed my mind about which company I wanted to work for.
After a discussion with a couple of Intier employees and a review at Sorion, I opted to stay at Sorion, with the intentions of being able to pick up some skills from some very skilled people within the team. This to me seems far more important as I have always known a little about a lot and my biggest weakness at the moment is the ability to be technical about a subject and there are quite a few people at Sorion who can provide the perfect foot steps for me.

It was very hard turning down an offer that is substantially higher than my current salary, but it isn’t always about money… is it?!?

… only time will tell and it has been the biggest risk I have ever taken I think and probably will be for a long time as it has been a very quiet time for the automotive industry this year, which has obviously affected Sorion.
They have a lot of development in progress that really interests me and I hope they all come a reality as it will be a great experience.

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