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I am really grateful of the social life I have gained since splitting with Sophie, they have been some of the greatest months of my life and I owe a big thank you for accepting me back in your lives…

… but how can you all not get bored of our social life! The quizzes are a great laugh, but I just feel as though real achievements are missing from my life at the moment.

In 5 years time I want something to show for my life, and be able to say ‘I did that’. Now is the time to do it before responsibilities get high.

There are endless things I want to do with my life at the moment but whenever mentioned, people make out that it is all a fantasy… why?

Does it seem so impossible to:

  • Go away for weekends
  • Go to lots of music gigs / events
  • Go skiing
  • Get a boat, take up water sports
  • Get a 4×4 and go offroading
  • Go rock climbing / abseiling

Ok, some may seem extreme, but they aren’t that impossible and what fun we could all have. The more involved, the cheaper it is and more posible it becomes.

When work takes up 58 hrs of a 168 hr week, I need to enjoy myself as much as possible the rest of the time, and only getting about 5-6 hours sleep each night I haven’t fulfilled that time properly yet. I feel the need for achievements but my life is really lacking it at the moment.

Lets get out there and do stuff, despite life being the longest thing we will do, it’s far too short to have lived it and done everything so lets do the best we can to enjoy it explore the endless lists of activities.

All suggestions welcome.

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  1. dean says:

    I think the main thing I want to say is “JFDI”.

    You should probably bear in mind a lot of the people you socialise with have recently graduated, are students or have partners who are students. I don’t think you can realistically expect people to be able to afford 4x4s and boats, or expect that they care about those things as much as you do. I think I’m right in saying a fair few have weekend jobs as well, which also can be a limiting factor if you aim to get a lot of people active in an activity.

    If you fancy weekends away then sks and I are probably interested (with the caveat that sks works some weekends), particularly after christmas.


    “So, you want to get involved the world of climbing, but don’t know anyone else that wants to have a go at the sport. It’s a common problem, and unnecessarily stops a great deal of people giving it a go.

    We understand the problem and have designed the ‘Go Climb’ package to help you out.”

    They also run birthday parties, you’re bound to get someone turn up out of sheer obligation! (but not me!)

    (if you want to go outdoor climbing live somewhere with “proper” hills 😉

  2. Nicky says:

    Yeah, that is where I am not so good, accepting ‘current affairs’. I for one can not afford it, and I am sure many others are in the same boat. But it seems a slack excuse!
    Even if we don’t plan to do it now, would at least be good if people showed an interest and maybe set our aims to do it by some point.
    I currently have aims, but they can not be completed alone, and being set alone makes them seem impossible as they are all group activities.

    Just always seems to be shrugged off followed by another slurp of the pint underneath their eyes! I don’t want to live like that!

    … thanks for your research, hopefully come in very handy!

  3. dean says:

    “Yeah, that is where I am not so good, accepting ‘current affairs’. I for one can not afford it, and I am sure many others are in the same boat. But it seems a slack excuse!”

    Not doing something you can’t afford to do is a slack excuse? I sometimes wonder about how much crack you snort :p

    You can’t really moan at other people for not sharing your interests to the same extent you do, especially when most of your listed interests seem to require quite some expense. If the people you’re spending every night with now don’t share these intersts and the interests are so important to you, then go and do them with other people. (Or should I sit and moan at you about how you won’t spend evenings talking about the intracies of programming language syntaxes and frameworks?)

    That rock climbing thing seems like an ideal opportunity to try something you’re interested in, with the people who love doing it and you possibly get another set of friends in the long run. Mark at work is an avid climber and he has made lots of friends though it.

  4. dean says:

    Bah, that should read something more like “Should I sit and moan at you about how you won’t spend evenings talking about the intracies of programming language syntaxes and frameworks, or find someone who will and JFDI”

    Along with some disclaimer that this isn’t usually what I do with my spare time.

  5. Nicky says:

    It’s not like that… It’s the way that when you suggest something there is no feedback, it’s like talking to zombies! If there was at least a ‘too expensive’, ‘not interested’, ‘I am quite happy with the little routine I have thank you’… I would find it much easier to understand and manage.
    It is as if people are aware of what I am saying, but choose not to agree with the routine we are in because they are scared or just too bone idle to think.

    I may well be out of order, but it is how I feel and it is what is getting me down a lot lately.

    People never think out of the circle, and that is something I am really doing a lot more lately, even though I think I have always been doing it.

    I am currently saying I can’t afford things because I can’t. I seem to be paying about £600 on general things like loans, and car running costs then the rest where does that go… I have no idea… buying rounds at the pub?!?!

    I have to stop this before I go insane! I want to see things happen with this ridiculous amount of disposable income that is disappearing. It isn’t about not being able to afford things when you look at it, it is about realising where it is going and noticing how sad it is and budgeting it elsewhere on more interesting things that you can show for.

    Typical example, last week all I have to show for my money spent is winning a packet of Smarties… for coming last in a quiz! That probably cost me what, about £50! And I didn’t even get a Smartie because there were too many of us compared to how many packets were given in the prize! On a totally different matter, that is all wrong too!!! That could have gone towards a lesson of Skiing or climbing and then you have so much more to show for yourself. Showing you are active and adventurous is far more appealing to me than a beer swilling pig! (or pop in my case!)

    Enough of the rant for now! I’m off to sulk!
    … or was it to go and eat a yummy toasted tea cake for brunch and carry on with my bedroom… yeah that was more like it!

  6. dean says:

    Fair enough, maybe you need to resort to “finding people who do like the stuff you like”, you could finance doing the extra stuff by not going out to the pub five times a week. I went to a pub yesterday for the first time in 3 weeks, and the time before that was my birthday!

    *goes to find his pipe and slippers*

  7. Velvet Grooves says:

    “Go to lots of music gigs / events”

    This does make me laugh rather slightly, although it’s good to see you’re getting interested in going to gigs…. I’ve been wanting to do this for years, particularly around Brum, but it never happened because a) You guys weren’t interested in music enough to attend, and b) I wasn’t confident enough to go out and meet people.

    But whats happened now? I go to gigs quite often and I’m networking quite a lot in the music sector….

    Why this is, is just making the push to do it. I really did shit my pants on the first day of radio – you guys remember well! But since then, I’ve gone from strength to strength and done more to get involved. Even going to gigs alone, which I never would have done a few years ago. Admittedly it’s crap compared with going with mates, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

    My time here in Aberystwyth spent going to gigs is probably more than I should be – joining the Indie society, meeting bands that live locally and chatting in the record stores. It’s all part of the experience, as as a result of just ‘doing it’, I’ve made some real interesting contacts and opportunities which I feel excessive pride about.

    Maybe you and the odd other will actually come to a gig when I come back! 😛

    As for the other bits you have listed there – I’d do them, and I actually feel similar to you about ‘achievements’, which is why I HAVE to be stacked with stuff to do, otherwise that leads to boredom which leads to de-motivation.

    Anyway…. 😉

  8. Nicky says:

    The difference between yourself and I is that you have possibly found your true interest which you adore with passion and that really shows.

    For me though, going to a gig is just a thing to do, and say I have done it. It’s not something I would do with passion at all, and it is that I am lacking.
    I want to try so many different things to find that thing I can enjoy passionately and say I have achieved this and that through it.

    I have full intentions of changing all this is the new year with a new mind set and better financial situation.

  9. dean says:

    “I have full intentions of changing all this is the new year with a new mind set” I hope you’re not just using “oh I’ll start at new years” as an excuse Monsieur Wilkes?

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