Cadbury World

Over the weekend I thought I’d treat Jakki to see how the love of her life is made… no not a porno, or that awful ‘birds n bees’ video from high school – it was in fact good old Cadbury World in Bourneville.
Started off with a shock on the entry fees, an adult ticket will cost you some £13.45 of your hard earned cash, let alone the children’s fee of £10.30; all making a family day out extremely expensive I should think. None the less we decided to enter the choctastic world of Cadbury.
For the fee you get a packet of Buttons and Curly Wurly on entry and a Dairy Milk Bar half way around the tour which consists of;
Aztec Jungle
A brief history into how important the bean was to the Aztecs and that it was used as a source of payment for food, drink and even slavery. Sadly doesn’t include a taste of the Aztecs original secret recipe of the Chocolatl, which used spices instead of the common milk which we have come accustomed to.
мебели сливенJourney to Europe
How the Spaniards killed off the Aztecs and returned with the cacoa beans which became a source of drink for the wealthy. Had a clever 3D projection system with a little story line.
Bull Street
A replica layout of a small shop in Birmingham where John Cadbury first sold tea of all things. Allowed the opportunity to take photos whilst waiting for an 8 minute show…
The Cadbury story
The story told by Mr Cadbury and then how his two sons Richard and George progressed with the family trait away from the city and developed the village that is still here today, Bourneville. Quite inspiring, listening to the way they explain their ‘Quaker‘ beliefs helped them create a better class of working.
Making Chocolate
From delivery of the beans, to the separation of the liquids to the milk chocolate we eat, it is all explained here with a few little surprises… If you don’t want to know, move your eyes to the next subject, otherwise, it’s not much to get excited over but it is quite comical feeling like a cocoa bean for a few minutes, from some pressured gas bit which I missed but made most of us jump, to being shook vigorously and then baked it was all a giggle!
Bit of a disappointing area, this has now been moved to an interactive video, which still gives a good insight into the manufacturing of our favourites such as Roses, Buttons, Crunchie, Turkish Delight, Dairy Milk, Cream Egg… but it’s not like seeing the real thing.

Moving around the factory
Whilst moving around the factory there are all sorts of interactive things to do and see, but none as exciting as having your photo with erm, erm, what have they done!!!
Jakki, Nick and the Bean!
Sadly came through the packaging department whilst the production was limited, they gave us the feel for something going on but I’m sure this was just a few boxes on a circular! None the less, this was a little interesting to me as we work in production environments and it was amazing seeing how things come together in other fields of work, particularly the speedy wrapping process.
Now this is one not to be missed, how sad, funny yet totally pointless is this ride… Most definitely for the kids, but just looking at how many different themes and facial expressions someone can think of for a cocoa bean is somewhat amazing!!! Particularly look out for the abdominal snowbean! – oh and don’t forget to smile for the camera here again!
Demonstration Area
A little over crowded for my liking, but there were 3-4 demonstrations going on, from tempering, to moulding to writing all with chocolate of course! Opposite this is the process for creating mouldings such as the Teddy Bears, Shoes etc, this was a little more interesting but slow!
First of all you get to walk through the Coronation street chocolate set and get the opportunity to go through interactive screens again to see all of the adverts produced for the show. Amazing how much detail when into an add, including the right amount of cobble stones, to all the cast plus a special competition winner. Next part of advertising seemed to lack a lot of the history, I should imagine there are some adverts over the years but this could have been more interesting by covering more adverts. None the less they dated back to the first one in the 50s to more recent 90s.
Purple Planetonline casino
Didn’t seem like much was going on here, but it seemed to be a modern style of interaction, including screen sensitive movement, cocoa bean growing, chasing an egg on the floor, the Purple Planet itself in a clever 3D world and a see yourself made out of chocolate, or as this seemed to be for us was ‘American Megatrends’ artistic display – doh, another reboot (from home to home!!).
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Last but not least, its the shop, the ‘worlds biggest’ apparently, well doesn’t say much about the others!!! Although the choices were varied, from your normal chocolates, an impressive 5kg bar;
Yes a 5kg bar
;That is about 30mm tall! to the Gorilla or Caramel Bunny, pjs to pens, T-shirt to mugs or a really small discount chocolate factory but it wasn’t all that impressive to be honest.
The cafe seemed quite good, from having things like soup, to Paninis to Sunday lunches to ‘any 5 items’ which was great for kids and grown ups too. The choices of deserts were the ones to look out for and of course far more tempting. Although not a fan of mouse, I had to try one looking at them and I was suitably impressed. 2 large Cokes, 2 Paninis and 2 Mouses cost around £14 which wasn’t too bad, it filled a hole!!!

All in all not a bad day out, for me I enjoyed seeing the history of the company but would have enjoyed seeing more of the manufacturing; after all that is what they do best!
I’d say;
7/10 Price,
8/10 Time spent,
9/10 Interesting,
9/10 Interaction
7/10 Queues
9/10 Smiles

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