A Long Day

Got up normal time of around 0730h and went straight for breakfast, which was the normal toast and cereals. Clive nicked some bread and ham for his sandwiches! The bill seemed really expensive at 330e for 3 nights.
Seemed a long time everyone getting ready, as usual we seemed to be hanging around for an hour or so as we are well prepared. Bad case of flies around us whilst waiting, seemed that Sharon had rubbed something in my hair night before! Just before leaving we all had a group photo with the peanut man and saw a Jay which I tried to take a photo of too.
Set off on the back road to Hecho then off into the mountains heading towards Jaca where we are to stay for 2 nights. Some very dusty tracks but interesting to drive as we had to dodge so many pot holes. Stopped on a narrow track for a cuppa and rich tea, which was cut short by a wide load combine harvester, so we set off again and went through several farm fields and shingle hills before stopping at a road side under trees for dinner. Tried the cheese we bought on the first day which was nice, but not as strong as it smelt.
Set off again towards a little village which had several tracks leading out the back of it, but came across the long awaited monastery which was beyond belief how it was set on the mountainside in amongst the rock face. Camera died here unfortunately so was a mad panic to charge again. Soon came to difficult sections which was nice and challenging but possible. Clive went off whilst we stayed in a field to check if track was passable, Clive decided it was ok, but Porl had to reverse down the track out of the field which was really scary as the angle, approach and edge was all challenging. Guiding Porl through the track for a while was awkward, I need to improve on my signals. A few hundred yards later it was impassable and all had to turn back on a very narrow road. We then noticed another track by which point Anne and I had swapped vehicles. Clive leading the way we had to push back several trees or drive on narrow windy tracks. This was a really good off road lane but sadly came to an end by an old disused house. We headed back towards the village and I noticed another track leading out but could not see how far it went on but we decided to give it a go.
At this point the village must have been laughing and thinking we were mad. Following the track it had many ruts and challenging routes which made the day very interesting. Again we were sent back near a disused house which was quite a way down the track at this point people were getting frustrated and hot, so we decided to call it a day and go to hotel now. On way back around track Clive let me drive the Steyr-Daimler-Puch Pinzgauer for a little while.
By about 1830h we had reached the posh hotel where Clive insisted we had to park the Landy elsewhere. It was at the middle of hillside overlooking its own golf course in the valley.
We all got settled in and scrubbed up before having a lovely meal. Shower was fantastic, heated mirrors et al in the rooms. Looked like Clive had made a very wise choice, as this seemed maybe a little cheaper than last stay.
After the dinner we went into the lounge for a couple of drinks before going to bed.

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