Woke up around 0730h for 0800h breakfast which was a self service of toast, muesli, cornflakes and cheese, salami and chorizo.
Got the bikes off and ready for the day as we were going up into the mountains. Within a few minutes of starting we already lost the track which caused a bit of confusion. At this point we also lost Richard and Sharon. Following the limited car track, we soon came to another stop where a barbed wire barrier was blocking our way. Luckily someone before us had twisted the fence so that the bikes could be pushed over the posts. Following this track a while longer it turned into a walking path only, thus making it very challenging for riders as it was very rocky. Russell fell off at one point and didn’t look too amused of where we were.
We came to a path which went two ways, down or very steeply up. Clive decided to give the up and over track a go but struggled from about a 1/3 of the way. The rest of us waited 10 minutes or so until he returned.
Carrying on down the track we found a road which we followed for a while before finding a nice place just on the edge of Hecho by the river for lunch. The river was ice cool but crystal clear/blue. The afternoon ride was quite relaxing taking on some magnificent scenery in. We rode up this mountain road stopped at the top to take photos and you could see the road twisting up the side of the rocks. We went up a track that said no entry for cars or bikes which went for some 4 miles before coming to a dead end. The laugh we had coming back down we left the others to meet them at bottom, at one point Porl had actually lost me off the back because of the size of the pot hole we, it hit launched me sky bound. We both giggled like little girlies. Arrived back at Hotel approx 1800h to find Richard and Sharon not too impressed having left them earlier. We met them both early for diner had few drinks before the rest joined us The meal consisted of boiled rice spring rolls tomato soup drizzled over the side for starters, hake in creamy sauce and ice-cream for pudding. Once finished we sat and talked about not leaving anyone behind again we are all on hols together and we all stay together


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