Fun In The Wet

Awoke way too early, feeling the brunt of staying up late. Packed last few things into Landy as we were moving on to Hecho. Had a lovely breakfast but same as yesterday.
I went into the village to take photos whilst the others got fuel.
Left Ochegavia by 0940h and headed up into the mountains by a gravel track. Even though it was only a gravel track, it was somewhat busy including an artic truck which over took us. Some lovely scenery including a logging area that looked challenging but sadly couldn’t do it because of bikes on back of cars.
Stopped for a quick tea which had UHT milk gone off, which was lumpy but ok.
Headed off over several more mountains seeing breath taking scenery, some tracks were no longer accessible so we found a nice picnic area by a river to have dinner.
Got back on the road after a 30 minute stop, saw a great photo opportunity under a bridge by a river.
We headed off into a really picturesque area with great dirt tracks and massive mountains in the distance. Half way down the lane, it said vehicles were not allowed past, but Clive said it will be ok, so we followed suit! We had seen 2 of the best green laning areas to date, not particularly challenging but very very interesting. There was a new road being built en route which added to the scenery. We came across a river which we were going to follow beside but decided to give it a go. First Russell went up stream then us in the Landy, followed by Richard and Sharon who almost disappeared on her Honda XR. Porl and I then went down stream but sadly had to turn back due to a thick bush stopping us. The day was drawing to a close but still had 40 miles to do, which caused a bit of friction as some wanted to continue via green lanes others wanted to get to hotel. Ended up going main roads, which took about 30 minutes. Found hotel just outside of Hecho, a really mountainous area which is in a valley. Unfortunately seems to be a very windy night, maybe situated in a wind tunnel.
Settled in as we are now staying here for 3 nights, then met up for the meal at 2030h. Today’s starter was salad, of which I ate more of but still left too much, followed by pork chops, chips and sweet pepper followed by cherries or ice cream for desert. We then sat in the lounge over looking the mountains having a few drinks before going to bed around 2330h. Going back to room, you could hear the wind howling past the trees, looks like its going to be rough tomorrow.


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