Mishaps and Mishapes

Woke up taking the piss out of Porl because he didn’t come home alone last night, that’s right he brought a carafe home… and didn’t he regret it!
Went down for breakfast a little later than normal which turned out to be the same servings as yesterday.
Set off for the other side of the mountains to yesterday, started off on a really nice lane but somewhat cold in the shade as it was only 1000h. I had put some foam to extend the seat as I was half on and half off and although at first this helped, the damage had already been done. We headed off deeper into the mountains and saw a snow topped mountain range which we tried to find a way up but only mountains opposite had tracks although after going half way up we were blocked by a locked gate.
Headed back down and took loads of photos at a bridge and waterfall. Just before here we saw the damage an avalanche had caused recently.
Headed off around the corner onto a nice looking route which would have taken us closer to the snow topped mountains but was cut off by road works, the people were adamant we weren’t going across even if we could have made it. Sharon pointed out a humming bird to me which was absolutely amazing to see from two feet away, so small, fast and beautiful, unfortunately didn’t get a shot.
We stayed here and had lunch, hoping the workers would disappear for their siesta but no such luck. The ladies went for a walk and spotted all sorts of fantastic wild life and brought back some wild strawberries which were really sweet but very very small, didn’t quite make up for Clive not stopping on way down but were good.
We got back on the bike and headed deeper into the hills seeing some breath taking scenery. We hit a track that was very muddy but dry, and had to cross the river, I tried taking photos of everyone as they crossed, with the exception of Sharon, who hit a rock and started flying towards me on one wheel so I ducked for cover! Trying to capture as many photo’s as possible throughout the day, having quite a giggle along the way, Richard and Sharon snidely ganged up and switched our bike engine off and then pranced around on their bikes whilst I took shots.
By now my bum has gone beyond recognition in terms of shape, feeling etc! We headed back into Hecho after a long drive back, desperate for an ice cream we looked around the whole village not seeing much open we headed back for the bikes, realising we had lost Clive and Russell. Suddenly they appeared and said half the shops were open, amazed, we went to have a look and ended up having a Magnum with nuts.
Before long the day was over and we had showered up for tea.
Starters was a vegetable soup with cheese and home made croutons for a sprinkling. The main was chicken with a creamy mushroom sauce and chips. Whilst pudding was Mille Creme, which was a creamy thick milk.
The owner gave us a free shot of a 1% alcoholic drink which was made with small berries, tasted similar to aniseed sherry, very weird drink indeed but I drank it!!
Once we had all finished we decided to show the photo’s so far, seemed that people lost interest quite quickly, but they were impressed!
It’s now 2315, so I had better go to sleep as we have a long journey ahead of us tomorrow to the really posh hotel which Clive keeps saying we are only allowed to go if we park the Landy out the back out of harms way! Damn, Porl is snoring and the wind is howling again, will I ever get to sleep?

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