Such Great Heights

All woke quite early and had our first proper French breakfast, comprising of toast, cereal and orange juice, tea or coffee.
After packing the vehicles we set off through very misty mountains, the day looked like it was going to be drizzly and horrible, but before long sunshine started to appear as we got higher and higher, suddenly we were above the clouds and it was the most amazing scenery.
I had never seen mountains above clouds without being on a plane. The cows and horses all had cows bells, clattering away, at this point we had just crossed the border and we were finally in Spain.
As we passed over the other side of the mountain we had reached our first green lane, which was very muddy and barely a track let alone road. Stopped for lunch, which was our first taste of the usual ham and brie sandwiches which were home made on the bonnet. By this point it was blistering sunshine as we drove through a couple more green lanes before reaching Ochegavia where we were all to meet up for the first time and stay for two nights.
By 8.30 all eight of us were over the restaurant where we had a mixture of lentil soup, fish soup and rice salad for starters and pork ribs, chicken with roquefort cheese. Pudding comprised of rice with cream, ice cream, flan and a tart. The food was very nice, and despite all my salad luck so far, I managed to get away with it tonight.
We all went for a little walk around the village before going back to the house. Stayed up for a while chatting and uploading a few images. Went to bed at 1230h

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