Over so soon

We awoke normal time of around 9am and showered up before packing our bags. Around 10.30 we were all done and ready to leave. We were going into the city for one last breakfast but realised there were some form of parades going on in the city which meant many areas were closed off to traffic; so decided we would gt something a little later.
After writing an essay on the feedback forms we left the hotel and set off to the Airport; which we found a little difficult as the main road through had been closed so took what seemed like a long ring road around the city but saw very little signs of airport.
After 30 minutes of great driving by dad we spotted signs for the A94 which was the main motorway between Athens Airport and City centre, which was apparently confirmed by the toll being the same 2Euros 90 it cost us on the way in!!!

The streets seemed very deserted so we assumed it was a national holiday or those parades had some national importance, as we were going to visit the Ikea and Factory Outlet just before the airport but were too closed.
We filled up with fuel and went to the airport a little earlier than planned aiming to go around a few shops and grab a bite to eat before flying in a few hours.
We found a hot food self service canteen where we had some double decker style pizza and salad costing around 45Euros for the four of us. One thing we had learnt this break is that Greece despite its looks is by no means cheap wherever you go! We watched planes taking over whilst eating our luke warm pizza and salad that had tentacles and arms in; it turned out to have a mixture of sea creatures amongst the leaves which didn’t go down too well!

After going back and forth from shop to shop we sat down for another drink where Jodie half tempted a local cold coffee; until she realised the 4 inches of white froth above the coffee was in fact cream!
Desperate for the loo (which happened to be my first time this holiday) I set off looking for a toilet… What a nightmare; a disabled only toilet and a single sit down toilet seemed a little inadequate for a major international airport; or maybe it was just my eagerness that made it seem that way! Finally finding one not in use I felt relieved and set off shopping for the last time before boarding the plane at around 4.30pm.
We set off at sunset which over a murky Greece was most picturesque, it took a long time to go down and it was the most burnt orange look, glistening on lakes and ocean below. Saw little of the mountains before going completely dark.
Food started to be served immediately and comprised of a weird sandwich again and other various sweet compliments.
Well that is me done for now, we are not far off landing at Amsterdam where I can now see a few scattered lit up areas and not much else.
Seems to be a little cloudy but can still see the ground so the landing should be an easy one. We have about an hours stop at Amsterdam and then the last little stretch to sunny side Birmingham.
Landed safely at Amsterdam (obviously), went through the airport’s fast check out as we were just passing through again, this time we seemed to have a little more time so decided to go shopping. Jodie being Jodie couldn’t take the thought of us being late for our flight so the shopping was short lived. Nearly bought some miniature clogs for work, but no disrespect to them, at 4Euros each I decided against the idea. Why has the world become so expensive over night?!?!?
Once more we thought it would be a good idea to grab a snack, this time I decided to try a Baguette Flambee which was a hot baguette with onions, ham and two cheeses… It was nice to have something hot as the Greeks are not ‘hot’ food eaters.
It wasn’t long before we were boarding the final flight and to pass time as usual Jodie and I had a thick conversation with little outcome… If the world is 12 hours ahead towards the east, and 12 hours behind to the west of GMT, what happens when west meets east?
To top this boredom off we thought it would be a good idea to bring the number 23 to topic, our seat row was 23, my lucky number but Jodie’s unlucky – then to find out my seat was loose, the window curtain was bent and Jodie’s tray pin wouldn’t turn it was like a Final Destination moment. Which then led to the point of conversation about why it is sad to watch ‘How it is made’? I like it because I admire how things are made and it’s good to know how, where as I came to the conclusion Jodie is quite sadistic; she like Crash Investigation, Seconds from Disaster and Murder Mysteries – but somehow enjoys watching them because she admires how things are made too! All this because Jodie was called a Pratt by dad for not liking How it’s Made! – Not sure how he came to that conclusion but I’m not going to argue as it has been a good sense of humour to the break.
Just flow over the Norfolk coast sipping water and eating Chocolate and Vanilla biscuits. It’s a little weird I will be landing in Birmingham 10 minutes before I took off in Amsterdam, but that is the joy of travelling east to west!
Not got a lot else to say really other than it has been a great experience, but not one I would be willing to carry out again any time soon. Greece has been ticked off in terms of mainland / Athens.
I have now become a fan of both Florence and the Machine and Kasabian’s new albums thanks to my personal in flight entertainment whilst writing this.
It is now 21.06 GMT, flying over Norfolk and I have to be up in 9 hours for work – DOH!

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