It never happens until it’s almost forgotten!

I never seem to find time to write here, maybe I really should start!

…It’s now 2011, over 12 months since my last post.
Since I last posted my world has changed somewhat!

I am now with the most magnificent person ever, Kirstine who I went through high school with. Despite our lack of conversations during our 3 years in the same class, we had somehow built up a good relationship through Facebook banter some 10 years since we last spoke, and after a few weeks of chatting I plucked some courage to take her out for a drink and walk down the canal.
…a month or so later, after a few more meals out and a mad bbq trip to Wales we decided to say we were a couple… and now building our relationship from strength to strength!

It was also wedding of the year for Mr and Mrs Sas, where I was honoured best man… I say honoured in the broadest terms, as I was bricking it loads!
Weeks leading up to it flew by and before long the day arrived, got more nervous than ever but thoroughly enjoyed it 🙂
…The speech despite being short, seemed to get all the laughs in the right places so I was relatively happy with it.

Later on in the year I decided to sell my MR2 as I was doing more and more miles, going to Worcester, Birmingham and Redditch. Selling it for a supebly economical Mini R56, 08 plate has been great fun, but I wouldn’t recommend Rybrook Worcester nor Knights South Stafford for servicing and repairs. What a nightmare they have been over some 7 visits.

With a little bit of cash flow improvements and the sale of the MR2 I also bought a Land Rover Discovery 1, 1994 and since that day I seen next to no money! …but it is keeping me busy and having lots of fun.

…I am sure I won’t put anything here for a while but I intend to because this short update makes my last year look crap as I haven’t written much for each event! 🙁

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