Paris 2012

Every year Kirst and I like to treat ourselves to a weekend away for Christmas. Past few years we decided London was our best bet but this year we fancied something a little different. After naming several City’s; Cardiff, New York, Edinburgh, London, Paris… you know all the big ones! We thought as we haven’t been to France this year it would be nice to go to Paris.

As we swiftly got to work, we realised it wasn’t going to be as expensive as we thought. Managed to get a hotel on the outskirts of the city “Timhotel, Berthier Paris” for only £180 for 3 nights stay which in comparrison to Edinburgh in the summer, this is how much we paid for one night!
We compared ferry prices to flights and Euro-Tunnel and it appeared DFDS ferries at £70 return were marginally cheaper than other ferries but half the price of Euro-Tunnel and flights.
Before long we had a hotel booked in Folkestone for one night at £60; “Burlington Hotel” for 6th December, outward ferry booked for 7.30am 7th December the Timhotel for 3 nights and a return ferry for Monday 10th at 8.00pm.

Ha, just logged in to WordPress and this is what I find waiting to be finished (originally 12/12/12, now 07/08/16)… hmmm, I so wish I could write more of a diary on here. The rest was good, but a distant memory! …maybe about time I change things, but I think I say that every time I log on and definitely every new year!

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