Welcome to the home of Nicky Wilkes (nickwilkes.co.uk / nickywilkes.co.uk), all about a lad born and bred in the smallish town of Redditch, south of Birmingham, England.

In brief, I have a fantastic partner; Kirstine Harris. I am a Senior Software Engineer in the Electronics industry and work for Sorion Electronics Limited, Birmingham. In my spare time I love taking photos of landscapes and vehicles; which leads me to being a Land Rover fanatic too… but you might have already gathered that!

As for this blog, well we all have our own life to look back at, and some day I hope I can use this blog to think “oh my god, what did I do” or “what the hell was I thinking”!
I suspect it is mostly waffling on about every day mundane things so have a read and feel free to contribute your thoughts.

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