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Paris 2012

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

Every year Kirst and I like to treat ourselves to a weekend away for Christmas. Past few years we decided London was our best bet but this year we fancied something a little different. After naming several City’s; Cardiff, New York, Edinburgh, London, Paris… you know all the big ones! We thought as we haven’t been to France this year it would be nice to go to Paris.

Too much thinking!

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

I sit here wondering what it takes to get out of the rat race the majority of us seem to live in. There is so much of the world yet to be conquered, engineering to be admired and seeing some of it this weekend has made me wonder exactly what it is I need to do to achieve this. I feel this is a burning ambition inside me… Or is this normal of a human? I don’t know; all I do know is I refuse to let this slip for the rest of my life, I don’t want to look back and say I wish I had done that, not any more. Seeing so much from these great heights at tremendous speeds slips my mind into a trance.
I am missing a vital piece of my jigsaw to life, I know what I am, what I want, what I have; but that piece that puts ambitions and goals into reality is missing. I don’t see where or what I am going to be in 10, 20, 40 years time. Before long they will come and I need to do something now otherwise I will never be satisfied… or are we never satisfied anyway? How many times do we think the grass is greener when it really isn’t!
We all seem to be destined to buy a house, settle down, have kids, retire then live if we are still fit to do so.
Well by the time I will be able to retire there is a likely chance I won’t be fit to live, so is it really that important to get into the rat race of buying houses having kids? Although I love my creature comforts I am unsure if I am a settler. I know I need to settle with a female, but settle somewhere seems too laborious for the rest of my life, I couldn’t do it.
I admire what Christine has to say with regards to this matter and it stimulates the mind, but to a dangerous level maybe beyond my ability. She seems gifted in the sense that she appears to be able to say I am going to do that and manages it; does she work her socks off for it – maybe; just maybe that is where I lack stimulation; but that doesn’t seem possible – my ambitions are worthy of stimulation… So someone help me!

Over so soon

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

We awoke normal time of around 9am and showered up before packing our bags. Around 10.30 we were all done and ready to leave. We were going into the city for one last breakfast but realised there were some form of parades going on in the city which meant many areas were closed off to traffic; so decided we would gt something a little later.
After writing an essay on the feedback forms we left the hotel and set off to the Airport; which we found a little difficult as the main road through had been closed so took what seemed like a long ring road around the city but saw very little signs of airport.
After 30 minutes of great driving by dad we spotted signs for the A94 which was the main motorway between Athens Airport and City centre, which was apparently confirmed by the toll being the same 2Euros 90 it cost us on the way in!!!

The streets seemed very deserted so we assumed it was a national holiday or those parades had some national importance, as we were going to visit the Ikea and Factory Outlet just before the airport but were too closed.
We filled up with fuel and went to the airport a little earlier than planned aiming to go around a few shops and grab a bite to eat before flying in a few hours.
We found a hot food self service canteen where we had some double decker style pizza and salad costing around 45Euros for the four of us. One thing we had learnt this break is that Greece despite its looks is by no means cheap wherever you go! We watched planes taking over whilst eating our luke warm pizza and salad that had tentacles and arms in; it turned out to have a mixture of sea creatures amongst the leaves which didn’t go down too well!

After going back and forth from shop to shop we sat down for another drink where Jodie half tempted a local cold coffee; until she realised the 4 inches of white froth above the coffee was in fact cream!
Desperate for the loo (which happened to be my first time this holiday) I set off looking for a toilet… What a nightmare; a disabled only toilet and a single sit down toilet seemed a little inadequate for a major international airport; or maybe it was just my eagerness that made it seem that way! Finally finding one not in use I felt relieved and set off shopping for the last time before boarding the plane at around 4.30pm.
We set off at sunset which over a murky Greece was most picturesque, it took a long time to go down and it was the most burnt orange look, glistening on lakes and ocean below. Saw little of the mountains before going completely dark.
Food started to be served immediately and comprised of a weird sandwich again and other various sweet compliments.
Well that is me done for now, we are not far off landing at Amsterdam where I can now see a few scattered lit up areas and not much else.
Seems to be a little cloudy but can still see the ground so the landing should be an easy one. We have about an hours stop at Amsterdam and then the last little stretch to sunny side Birmingham.
Landed safely at Amsterdam (obviously), went through the airport’s fast check out as we were just passing through again, this time we seemed to have a little more time so decided to go shopping. Jodie being Jodie couldn’t take the thought of us being late for our flight so the shopping was short lived. Nearly bought some miniature clogs for work, but no disrespect to them, at 4Euros each I decided against the idea. Why has the world become so expensive over night?!?!?
Once more we thought it would be a good idea to grab a snack, this time I decided to try a Baguette Flambee which was a hot baguette with onions, ham and two cheeses… It was nice to have something hot as the Greeks are not ‘hot’ food eaters.
It wasn’t long before we were boarding the final flight and to pass time as usual Jodie and I had a thick conversation with little outcome… If the world is 12 hours ahead towards the east, and 12 hours behind to the west of GMT, what happens when west meets east?
To top this boredom off we thought it would be a good idea to bring the number 23 to topic, our seat row was 23, my lucky number but Jodie’s unlucky – then to find out my seat was loose, the window curtain was bent and Jodie’s tray pin wouldn’t turn it was like a Final Destination moment. Which then led to the point of conversation about why it is sad to watch ‘How it is made’? I like it because I admire how things are made and it’s good to know how, where as I came to the conclusion Jodie is quite sadistic; she like Crash Investigation, Seconds from Disaster and Murder Mysteries – but somehow enjoys watching them because she admires how things are made too! All this because Jodie was called a Pratt by dad for not liking How it’s Made! – Not sure how he came to that conclusion but I’m not going to argue as it has been a good sense of humour to the break.
Just flow over the Norfolk coast sipping water and eating Chocolate and Vanilla biscuits. It’s a little weird I will be landing in Birmingham 10 minutes before I took off in Amsterdam, but that is the joy of travelling east to west!
Not got a lot else to say really other than it has been a great experience, but not one I would be willing to carry out again any time soon. Greece has been ticked off in terms of mainland / Athens.
I have now become a fan of both Florence and the Machine and Kasabian’s new albums thanks to my personal in flight entertainment whilst writing this.
It is now 21.06 GMT, flying over Norfolk and I have to be up in 9 hours for work – DOH!

Venturing out of the city

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

Experiencing a bit of the roads over last few days we decided to get back onto the streets and go further a field and see what was beyond Athens city. We headed towards the coast, not really knowing where we were going we drove for around an hour and stumbled upon a little café selling cheese pies which we had to try for breakfast. Sitting on a quiet-ish road side eating our breakie and drinks we asked a waitress of where the nearest beach was, amongst her great pointing attempt at English we realised we weren’t far away at all.
About 10 minutes drive we found a little harbour where cafes, hotels and fishing boats were. We stopped here for a little walk where we saw a crisp clear ocean with much sea life, several Apache style helicopters circling from the local army base, loads of dogs just strewn across car parks and beautiful hills appearing out of the sea we took a few photos before heading back to the car.
Following the coast seeing/smelling fuel refineries and amazing ways of life we found our first super market; My Market. Where we bought once more some food to try and a few presents.
We headed back to the hotel and got prepared for a night out in the city. We went in on the tram system for ease. The square was buzzing with life, people going in and out of very expensive chocolate and designer stores. After walking around for a while a Greek man noticed us looking a little confused; we could see little restaurants and pointed at a little pizza place that didn’t look very appealing. He opted to point us in the right direction by walking us to a lovely restaurant he recommended. A couple of streets across we were in an area we were familiar too as we had taken a few photos on foot earlier and passed through on the train. Yet again greeted by an old Greek man very proud to shake hands and be nice… as they do! We sat down and were being recommended our starters, mains and wine but decided to be a little decisive which didn’t seem to go down too well. We decided to have his recommended salad and cheeses but all had a different main, chicken & pasta, Mousaka, Chicken with potatoes and Pork steak which disappointingly turned out to be a normal pork chop!
Determined not to be fleeced we were still shocked at the 102euros it cost us; not realising they had charged us for the various little nibbled they plonked on our table! We were given a little glass of murky Ouzo which wasn’t as strong as Sambuca even though still at 40%; it tasted a little weird and I couldn’t stomach it!
We paid up and went for a little walk, trying to find somewhere we could have a little taste of their sweets for the first time. Finding very little open we came across one shop just closing and ran in for a few nibbles.
After spending a while in the square taking night shots we decided to call it a night and head back home on the tram; trying our ticket in the ticket validation machines we realised it was 1Euro return and it had stamped us for the journey back; making it an even bigger bargain considering the taxi the night before cost us 20Euros for no more than a 2mile/5 minute drop off.

Athens City Rush

Monday, October 26th, 2009

Started the day with the most gorgeous power shower which freshened me up and it looked like the day was going to be a good one, it was wet but clearing up outside.
We went up to the top floor to have a look over the city where all we could see were masses of white houses for as far as the eye could see. Next block over was the tram line so we headed off to the city centre on that, at only 1Euro each return it was at last a bargain!
The tram pulled in at Syntagma Square, opposite the parliament buildings. A stall sold what looked like pretzels and various other Greek bakery produce so we opted to have this for our breakfast.
Aiming for the Acropolis we were unsure of where to turn amid the mass rush and luckily noticed a little touristy train which went around various streets of Athens allowing us to stop off and soak up the local culture. Our first stop was at a little market and small shops outside an ancient library in ruins. Here there were few beggars who made you feel guilty of their despair but knew getting your wallet out would have been a brave mistake.
We headed off into the square where there were streets of shops, stalls and food kiosks. After walking around for a while we stumbled upon a Greek kebab shop where yet again an old man lured us in. He too recommended us a typical dish on salads, various meets and sauces which we felt a little anxious about wondering if we were going to be fleeced again. The man assured us by stating we should only order enough for 3 people as this would have been sufficient. The food came along shortly comprising of chicken, lamb, spicy sausage, chips, red onion and tomato. It was a very nice taster of local food.
We continued to shop amongst the rain which started to thicken as the afternoon progressed. We headed back to the train hoping to get a glimpse of the Acropolis after getting a few presents and personal memoirs.
At this point it was lashing down and we all felt a little disappointed that we were not prepared for the occasion with clothing etc. So we headed back to the start point.
All a little thirsty we found a little café where Greek coffees, beer and ‘Coke Cola’ were bought!
Suddenly the rain had passed so we set off on foot to the Acropolis. Going through very windy, tight Greek alleys we ascended the mountain that the Acropolis was on, but still no real sign of how to get there. After trying a few routes and speaking to several locals who were more than delighted to point us in the right direction we were at the gates of the Acropolis. The walk through the gardens was amazing, reading the history and seeing the effort involved in creating the marble work was astonishing. We came across an Amphitheatre on the edge of the hill which was near on fully preserved.
We took the last climb to the top of the Acropolis where we were taken by surprise of the sights surrounding us, apart from the beauty of the Acropolis itself, every bit of flat land, hillside for as far as the eye could see was covered by 4-5 story buildings. It was a mass white sheet. The Acropolis looked amazing amid the sunset where I managed to hopefully get a few nice shots. It started to get a little overcast and cool so we decided to make our way back. Due to mom suffering with her feet we found a taxi to take us back to the hotel.
The evening thereafter was a little bit wasted as we were all a little tired but unsure of where or what to do as moms feet were not going to be able to cope with much more walking for the day. We sat in our room drinking Ouzo, red wine and eating various produces we had picked up throughout the day.

A quick flight to Athens

Sunday, October 25th, 2009

Awaking too early as my phone had not correctly updated itself I decided to try to get the extra hour before I really had to be up. Waking this time at 2.45am by dad knocking on my door I felt quite awake and ready for the break.
Last minute checks and we were off, I decided to drive and actually got all the way to Birmingham without feeling tired; it was a holiday record!

Going through numerous checks including the near on complete strip down; where I had to get my laptop out of the bag, chain off, belt off, everything out of my pockets, coat off etc etc we sat in the lounge for only about 10 minutes before getting onto our KLM flight to Amsterdam. Set off in sun rise heading over Norwich way with little turbulence and a weird breakfast; 45 minutes later we were landing, 15 minutes later the plane had actually parked. Seems weird that it takes 15 minutes for a plane to get around an airport, 45 minutes to get from Redditch to Birmingham via car yet only 45 minutes to get from Birmingham to Amsterdam via a plane; amazing!
Amsterdam seemed a very rich fertile place with large estuaries all of which was very flat, that was about as much we saw as we had to go straight to our next boarding area.
Jodie had bought a bottle of water at the last airport as part of package little realising it would be taken off our hands soon as we tried to board our next plane. The deal wasn’t so much of a deal after all and didn’t we know about it… Jodie wasn’t impressed we could get scissors, a laptop and mobile phones through but not a bottle of water; whatever happed to our 5 basic needs!
Before long it was time to fly again, this time a 3.5 hour flight to Athens. The flight went smoothly with sandwiches, a chocolate brownie and various drinks. Flying over the Alps it was most picturesque, still with lots of snow on the peaks even though it is end of summer.
Landed at a very wet Athens airport at around 2.30pm local time, which including losing 2 hours through time difference.
Soon found our car in the car park which was a Seat Leon, looking relatively new yt somewhat battered!
We precariously joined the motorway and set towards Athens central where we were greeted with mayhem! Never seen anything like it, cars everywhere but in a lane, bikes going through red lights, horns sounding left right and centre for no apparent reason. Taking a few wrong turns was a big mistake, taking a three right turns you would assume would get you right back on track but that was not the case, it was near on impossible to find the route again. Eventually after asking 2 people who sent us in different directions we found the hotel, or so we thought… Turned out to be the Convention centre, but we knew we couldn’t be far away at all; or so we hoped after it taking some 4 hours to get where we are. We booked in and realised an extra charge was required for parking the car at 19Euros per night. The car park had a Hummer, Maserati 4.2l, Porsche 911 GT; but thankfully several other low key cars like ours too.
The hotel was 5 stars alright, with Concierge, large open areas, glass lifts, marble walk ways and that typical business vibe.
We got our room keys and settled in before going out for a meal, not knowing where to hell to go the concierge got us a taxi to a local Greek restaurant which was family run. Down a back street we were greeted with rain and a typical old Greek man. The food was nice and well priced, or so we thought; our first mistake was asking him to provide us with his recommended house wine, not realising until they has 2 bottled down them it was 25euros a bottle totalling our menu at 120Euros! We had a mixture of salads, lamb special, Mousaka and Bolognaise.
We headed back to the hotel and went to bed after arranging tomorrow.

Module 1 Motorcycle Training

Saturday, October 24th, 2009

Started the day early as I had my DAS training, as per usual I was running late and found myself rushing around at 8.30 looking for important documents and protective clothing as the rain was pouring down.
I got to RMT a little later than normal but luckily not too late.
Soon got dressed up and ready, more-so than RMT as they had got me the wrong bike!
There was another lad with us for the morning who was preparing for his Mod 2, so we stayed around Redditch and Bromsgrove covering typical test routes. The weather was quite dismal but was a great experience to have covered it now rather than on my test for the first time. It didn’t seem as bad as first thought, although you have to be cautious of the wet, a bike still has a lot of grip.
Before long it was lunch time, I felt more confident than ever before, but still not entirely comfortable, realising I was having to over stretch for the clutch meaning I wasn’t using it correctly and still not slipping it enough.
We prepared the bike with a strong cable tie to help me out with the clutch and headed off to the Mod 1 test centre where I will be having a taste of the circuit; comprising of several module including pushing the bike, weaving in and out of cones, figure of 8, emergency stop, swerve manoeuvre, u turn and walking pace.
I struggled a little with the figure of 8 but felt very confident that I will be ok on my test. We headed back to Redditch and unfortunately started to splutter a little bit, suddenly losing all power and realising that the bike had been on reserve all day; meaning I had no reserve to get to any fuel station so had to drain a couple of litres out of the other bike.
By 4.30 I was home and knackered as usual, once more finding muscles I never knew I had!
It was all a mad rush preparing for the holiday as I hadn’t done anything yet.
By around 10.30 I had been to Tesco for last minute things, had a shower, packed my bag had yet another take away and ready for bed.

Cadbury World

Sunday, February 8th, 2009

Over the weekend I thought I’d treat Jakki to see how the love of her life is made… no not a porno, or that awful ‘birds n bees’ video from high school – it was in fact good old Cadbury World in Bourneville.
Started off with a shock on the entry fees, an adult ticket will cost you some £13.45 of your hard earned cash, let alone the children’s fee of £10.30; all making a family day out extremely expensive I should think. None the less we decided to enter the choctastic world of Cadbury.
For the fee you get a packet of Buttons and Curly Wurly on entry and a Dairy Milk Bar half way around the tour which consists of;
Aztec Jungle
A brief history into how important the bean was to the Aztecs and that it was used as a source of payment for food, drink and even slavery. Sadly doesn’t include a taste of the Aztecs original secret recipe of the Chocolatl, which used spices instead of the common milk which we have come accustomed to.
мебели сливенJourney to Europe
How the Spaniards killed off the Aztecs and returned with the cacoa beans which became a source of drink for the wealthy. Had a clever 3D projection system with a little story line.
Bull Street
A replica layout of a small shop in Birmingham where John Cadbury first sold tea of all things. Allowed the opportunity to take photos whilst waiting for an 8 minute show…
The Cadbury story
The story told by Mr Cadbury and then how his two sons Richard and George progressed with the family trait away from the city and developed the village that is still here today, Bourneville. Quite inspiring, listening to the way they explain their ‘Quaker‘ beliefs helped them create a better class of working.
Making Chocolate
From delivery of the beans, to the separation of the liquids to the milk chocolate we eat, it is all explained here with a few little surprises… If you don’t want to know, move your eyes to the next subject, otherwise, it’s not much to get excited over but it is quite comical feeling like a cocoa bean for a few minutes, from some pressured gas bit which I missed but made most of us jump, to being shook vigorously and then baked it was all a giggle!
Bit of a disappointing area, this has now been moved to an interactive video, which still gives a good insight into the manufacturing of our favourites such as Roses, Buttons, Crunchie, Turkish Delight, Dairy Milk, Cream Egg… but it’s not like seeing the real thing.

Moving around the factory
Whilst moving around the factory there are all sorts of interactive things to do and see, but none as exciting as having your photo with erm, erm, what have they done!!!
Jakki, Nick and the Bean!
Sadly came through the packaging department whilst the production was limited, they gave us the feel for something going on but I’m sure this was just a few boxes on a circular! None the less, this was a little interesting to me as we work in production environments and it was amazing seeing how things come together in other fields of work, particularly the speedy wrapping process.
Now this is one not to be missed, how sad, funny yet totally pointless is this ride… Most definitely for the kids, but just looking at how many different themes and facial expressions someone can think of for a cocoa bean is somewhat amazing!!! Particularly look out for the abdominal snowbean! – oh and don’t forget to smile for the camera here again!
Demonstration Area
A little over crowded for my liking, but there were 3-4 demonstrations going on, from tempering, to moulding to writing all with chocolate of course! Opposite this is the process for creating mouldings such as the Teddy Bears, Shoes etc, this was a little more interesting but slow!
First of all you get to walk through the Coronation street chocolate set and get the opportunity to go through interactive screens again to see all of the adverts produced for the show. Amazing how much detail when into an add, including the right amount of cobble stones, to all the cast plus a special competition winner. Next part of advertising seemed to lack a lot of the history, I should imagine there are some adverts over the years but this could have been more interesting by covering more adverts. None the less they dated back to the first one in the 50s to more recent 90s.
Purple Planetonline casino
Didn’t seem like much was going on here, but it seemed to be a modern style of interaction, including screen sensitive movement, cocoa bean growing, chasing an egg on the floor, the Purple Planet itself in a clever 3D world and a see yourself made out of chocolate, or as this seemed to be for us was ‘American Megatrends’ artistic display – doh, another reboot (from home to home!!).
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Last but not least, its the shop, the ‘worlds biggest’ apparently, well doesn’t say much about the others!!! Although the choices were varied, from your normal chocolates, an impressive 5kg bar;
Yes a 5kg bar
;That is about 30mm tall! to the Gorilla or Caramel Bunny, pjs to pens, T-shirt to mugs or a really small discount chocolate factory but it wasn’t all that impressive to be honest.
The cafe seemed quite good, from having things like soup, to Paninis to Sunday lunches to ‘any 5 items’ which was great for kids and grown ups too. The choices of deserts were the ones to look out for and of course far more tempting. Although not a fan of mouse, I had to try one looking at them and I was suitably impressed. 2 large Cokes, 2 Paninis and 2 Mouses cost around £14 which wasn’t too bad, it filled a hole!!!

All in all not a bad day out, for me I enjoyed seeing the history of the company but would have enjoyed seeing more of the manufacturing; after all that is what they do best!
I’d say;
7/10 Price,
8/10 Time spent,
9/10 Interesting,
9/10 Interaction
7/10 Queues
9/10 Smiles

Booze Cruise

Friday, December 7th, 2007

From 16th to 18th November Adam, Hayley, Matthew and I decided to take a weekend away on a booze cruise to Calais.

It has by far been the best weekend of the year for me, from comments like;
“Is that the sky” (Adam) – With boats in the middle of them!
“I can see the clouds” (Me) – First thing I saw after coming off the ferry – It was the lovely White Cliffs of Dover!
“this is ‘like’ a litre of beer” (Matt) – With a litre of beer in a huge glass in his hand!

Set off around 9.30am after spending what felt like 20 minutes setting up the awful Sony Navigation unit (thanks Matt!), and it took around 4 hours to get to Folkestone where our hotel for the weekend was based. Settled in and had a walk around the town. What a funny little place it is, we could only find one pub, which was by mistake (Wetherspoons of all places!). Had a few drinks in there then decided to go for a buffet…
What a mistake that was, it was a mixed Asian buffet that happened to be cold. After some minutes of scoffing ourselves Matt thankfully had the guts to complain. They realised they had turned one of the heaters off… Great, so based on what happened next I am guessing they poorly reheated everything as I had the worst diarrhoea ever!
Matt and I kept challenging one another by trying to pick things up with chop sticks, of which I was better than him at but try telling him that! Ice-cream is easy – try picking jelly up! Decided to go back to ‘Spoons and drink the night away, even though we had to be up for about 4.30am!

Woke up around 4.30am to catch the ferry for 6. It was a really tiring morning and I really didn’t feel too good, this was first expressed at the port with severe belching, to the point it was making me feel sick, let along poor Adam and Matt who were heaving. Decided to try and settle our stomachs by having a good ol’ greasy full English breakfast and it really didn’t go down too well for me. Everywhere I seemed to go, everyone else didn’t want to be there! Wind was coming out of all orifices!
We arrived in France around 9am and decided to go straight to Eastenders then Cite Europe, how hard could it be, we had an experienced France driver (me) and supposedly a good navigator (Adam)! Within 15 minutes I happen to turn down a road and see one lane of traffic, of which was facing me… Doh, slap it in reverse and get out of here… pretending nothing had happened! Another 10 minutes down the road I was informed we had to “go that way”, “what way?”, “that way”, “what do you mean that way, which way is that way?”, “that way”… it was hard work! To the point we ended up boarding the EuroStar! – Well almost, it was a point of no return and we had to embarrassingly inform the desk operator we had taken a wrong turn so she handed us a memorable exit pass!
Cite Europe; Within seconds of getting there I was on the toilet… for ages, the diarrhea had started! From here on the weekend was not entirely enjoyable for myself, but it happened to amuse the others.
We went for a drink in a restaurant near the Carrefour and Matt had a litre of beer, strange that Matt, “this is like a litre of beer” – no shit!
Carried on shopping for some hours before deciding to go for a little drive, how we didn’t get lost I have no idea!
Boarded the ferry about an hour earlier than planned and arrived in Dover about 9pm. We had planned on going to the chippy but I was feeling really rough so went straight to bed. The others had the best chips they had had in ages, and didn’t they rub it in!

Waking up around 4am with the peak of the diarrhoea I was still on the toilet to see sunrise at around 6.30am and after some 15 visits or more to the toilet and quickly running out of toilet roll this was no longer funny for me. By around 9am my stomach was somewhat relieved yet still not right. We were hoping to go shopping, but I was unsure if I was going to be able to make 10 minutes down the motorway without damaging Adam’s seats let alone taking a detour and spend some time shopping. Having held my butt cheeks together for a couple of hours we stopped in Oxford and spent about 2 hours shopping, what little bit we saw, it seems to be a really beautiful city (but a word of warning, use the park and ride!).
Managed to hold everything in until I got home, but as soon as I did, my god! Got home around 5pm and decided to relax in a warm bubbly bath, what a relief it was!

Many thanks to Adam, Hayley and Matt for a fantastic weekend, I am sorry about my burps and farting… they were uncontrollable!

I really look forward to Booze Cruise 2008 with the addition of Dan all being well.