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A Bloody Tough Cookie

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

Got up normal time but feeling really tired today, Porl went to see if Pool was open but it sadly opened at 1000h. Got ready for breakfast which turned out to be amazing with plenty of choice from dried fruit to hot buffet, cereals to croissants, toast to cold meats. None of us wanted to leave but started to get bikes ready deciding we were only going out for a couple of hours.
Set off at 1045h, 15 minutes later than planned yet still feeling a little rushed for some.
Headed off towards a hill at the top of the hotel which was really rocky and bumpy to the point I kept loosing my footing and on one occasion I kicked Porl’s hands off the bars with both of us totally out of control we just started pissing ourselves with laughter. Came to a challenging spot after flying up the hill with ease as there were a few fallen trees in the way. This is where I got on foot and the bikers enjoyed the challenging routes around them, where i got a few good shots. Sharon over riding a lump and ending up way amongst the bushes was very amusing. Finally reached the road after getting around 5 fallen trees and thought I had lost my glasses so all followed our footsteps not finding them I looked deeper into my bag and stupidly found them.
Followed the road around which was mostly rocky but easier, going through a reserve we reached the top of another mountain and started heading down the other side. Coming to one bend we noticed Sharon on her side, she had taken the corner approach wrong and too fast as there was a lot of loose gravel on the track. She had taken a nasty gash to her knee but played it off as nothing had happened, Porl had a proper look and realised she had to go to hospital.. we couldn’t believe how she had taken it and wanted to continue to ride even without cleaning it. After a little heated argument Porl, Richard, Sharon and I headed off the mountain leaving Russell and Clive to continue whilst we headed for Jaca hospital. Reaching the hospital about 1430h we left Richard and Sharon to it whilst we go her passport, clothes etc. What a palaver all this was but had to be done. Clothes were in room but had no key, Passport was in Pinz but no one about or no keys. We blagged our way into room and got a few things before heading back off to hospital. Waited around until about 1615h after a X-ray and 20 something stitches, Sharon still wanted to ride but had been advised to take it easy fir 24 hours at least. Doctor seemed really friendly and helpful. Headed into Jaca to get pain killers before getting back to hotel.
After getting back to the hotel much later than planned Porl and I got ready for the pool which turned out to be a nightmare as the outside pool was being repaired and the indoor one turned out to be an expensive spa for 24Euros for 90 minutes. We scrambled back into the changing rooms before running to the bar. We sat and drank for a couple of hours before having another lovely meal.
After dinner had finished we all sat outside for half an hour drinking wine Anne and Pat had bought from Jaca earlier.
Settled down for bed around 0000h with the intentions of Porl riding his bike with Sharon in the Landy with me tomorrow as she was starting to struggle to walk with the leg stiffening.