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A Hard Days Holiday

Friday, June 19th, 2009

Woke up at 0730h to Porl and myself doing synchronised alarm jumping and both saying ‘oh bloody hell’.
Within the hour we went down for breakfast, comprising of orange juice, tea, toast, biscuits and cakes, all in a really posh room.
Starting the day took a while as we were deciding whether go by car or bike, the intentions were to go on bike but the weather was looking poor. By about 1030h we were on foot/bike up a track that could only cope with riders… What a challenge that was, zig zag, rocky, wet grass up very steep hills for about 1.5 miles. Heat made the walk pretty bad, let alone the people struggling on the bikes. An hour and a half later and all exhausted we stopped for the first tea break and dinner.
The afternoon looked like it was going to be nicer with blue skies appearing, so we set off for the hills. Sadly heading in the wrong direction, it wasn’t long before we were in the clouds which was getting cold and wet, hardly seeing much further than 10 yards, and water dripping off our glasses and faces we drove higher and deeper into the French hills where the weather worsened. Before long Porl had me in stitches nearly wetting myself 3 times. We all decided it was time to trace our tracks and head back down, it was a really eerie sense of silence with cows bells in the distance; coming from the cows but not being able to see anything.
Heading down slowly we reached warm air pockets again which was a blessing as Porl and myself were only in shorts and tee shirt.
We realised that the track we did this morning was wrong, so headed for the right one, which turned out to be much easier and more like a track. Before long we had gained a couple of hundred feet and the tracks were becoming difficult to find even with the GPS and maps. The fields were plastered with thistles and thorns which caused Porl to give me a verbal because I nearly threw us off the bike, flinging my feet past his shoulders!!!
Spending some time going back and forth trying to find the track we decided to go off course hoping to find it… not really reaching it we looked further a-field for new tracks. Finding some nice tracks we started to have fun bouncing about on mud tracks and what a giggle it was.
Nearing an end we decided to do one more track, and this had to be the funniest of the day, Richard could hear Porl and I screaming through the brambles grazing our feet and legs. By the time we got to the end we realised we had ended up where we had lunch. Deciding whether we were to go back via road or the reverse of our mud track, I realised we were plastered in blood and flies.
Richard, Sharon, Porl and I decided we would reverse the mud track whilst the others headed back to the house.
On our way back we came across a bull, cow and two calves which was a bit worrying, the bull had the biggest b*!!*(&s you have ever seen!
Once back at the house and all cleaned up it was 2000h so we decided to go and eat at the other restaurant in the village. The menu for 15Euros was a selection of local produce, we said we would have what he recommends, which was asparagus for starters and lamb for a main. The meal was really nice, lamb was most tender I had had.
Porl was extremely excited with the fact we were in a ciderie, which had a large keg and a self service tap! Some ciders later and after a pudding of solidified milk and sugar, similar to [what?] we paid up and realised all the drink was free!
Entering the home at around 2330h we have stayed up chatting and typing this, now being 0115h we have decided to call it a night.

What’s all the fuss!

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

Got up at 6 this morning after realising it had snowed some several inches in Redditch overnight. Got onto the roads about 6.20 and suddenly felt uneasy, it was probably the first time in my 7 years of driving all roads were fully snowed in, let alone the fact I was in a rear wheel drive for it too!!!
After circling a few roads around my area I decidied to bare the streets to Birmingham city centre. Immediately becoming gobsmacked by other peoples driving, I had only gone some 100 yards and there was an Escort right up my rear, refusing to use my brakes I slowed gradually using my gears and it worked great.
Pulling away in 3rd still seemed to cause my rear to slip and slide but gently pulling away I managed to do it without getting in a spin.
I had travelled about 1.5 miles in 10 minutes and I was still being amazed by some peoples attitude towards the snow; a 4×4 may pull you better in the snow but it doesn’t mean you can stop any better!!! I had a Freelander so close to me, I couldn’t see his lights, whilst doing about 30-40mph.
None the less, I managed to get into work unscathed in about an hour, just over twice my normal time but I feel so much better for doing it, it was a great experience and valuable for future driving.
It was a scary but fun drive in, recommend it to anyone, just be sensible and use your gears not your brakes.