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First Time For Everything…

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Woke at 0730h started to pack the bags for our next hotel, met for breakfast at 0800h very nice it was too, Richard appeared to tell us of his plans and that Sharon could not walk so they were going to stop where they were and have the day to rest Sharon’s leg and he was going to fetch the Duke from Pamplona to see if Sharon would be able to get on it when needed, so we packed the Landy up paid the bill and headed off.
We were soon on our first track and started to climb was getting pretty good Clive was leading when he came to a stop because a bike was coming towards us the lad pulled up next to us and in his best English said that the track would be very hard for our cars it was only just passable on a bike so he said not to carry on so we turned round and did a little road work, the tracks where not too bad today, some were better than others. We had a little drive up a river, up the side of a rock face, all in the name of off roading. At lunch stop I really needed to do something that I had never done before, turns out bears are not the only ones to do it in the woods!
We did 150 miles today approx 65ish off road. At approx 1730h we started to head for the Hotel in Panticosa which is a nice little Skiing resort with the chair lifts etc still in place.
The Hotel is ok, but they didn’t do evening meal so we had a little walk into town. What a disappointment it was for me, I chose the wrong dish as the waiter could not explain it too well and Clive saying you can’t go wrong with Pork; I ended up with pigs trotter – just fat and bone… MMMMM! We spoke to Sharon and Richard to see how they were and they said Richard is fetching the BMW in the morning and Sharon will try the Ducati by lunch time to let us know how they are planning on getting back.